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Live plants verses silk (artificial) plants


The cost of live plant material verses silk material depends largely on the amount, variety, and availability of the product (due to recent hurricane's in the South) for a more accurate cost estimate please contact us.


To keep the plants looking healthy they need weekly service from a qualified service technician. Normal maintenance is $100.00* per month. While replacement and care are consistent with healthy live plants, so too is it with silk greenery. Monthly maintenance of silk greenery is $125.00.** This service will include monthly reshaping of the material, biweekly maintenance to clean the plants (warm soapy water)***, removing any pilferage, removal of debris, and wear and tear foliage replacements. Also the replacement of any foliage that is unacceptable due to vandalism. We have found that replacement of high quality artificial greenery is 30% higher than with live plants.   


Live plants are a wonderful addition to any setting. Live healthy, well tended too plant material gives the impression of freshness, cleanliness, and attention to detail. Live plants also clean the air of smoke and bad odors, and they absorb the noise of any busy dinning room or casual setting.

It is rare to find artificial greenery that resembles the true beauty of a live plant. Artificial greenery does not clean the air of smoke or rid the air of bad odors, nor does it absorb noise. It does hold in bad odors, turn yellow from nicotine, and causes you to have to shout your conversation due to the fact that it does not absorb noise.

Environment benefits

Live plants actually clean the air!

The EPA can spell out all of the dangers of formaldehyde and benzene in our workplaces and restaurants. By using man made artificial greenery, you are just adding to the pollution of the air. Please note that artificial greenery are a fire hazard in the smoking sections of your facilities.


*some plant maintenance cost will be lower depending on the needs of the customer.

**additional charges will apply each time any artificial greenery is replaced.

***artificial greenery only holds its shape through a few cleaning at which time it must be replaced (additional charges will apply). We estimate each location will need a total replacement of silk greenery, 1 time per year.